After successfully establishing a name in the Japanese IT market, the E&M Group began to explore the international IT market for bigger opportunities. E&M took a significant step by setting up a company in Romania that will handle the business process outsourcing services of E&M Group. This company is called E&M Corporation S.R.L., or simply EMR (E&M Romania). To expand its business to European markets, EMR has tapped the talent of Romanian engineers. Together with Japanese engineers, they collaborated to develop Windows applications. Their target is to make projects that will catch the interest of multiple and diverse cultures. EMR will establish itself to be the solid base for E&M Group in building the bridge between Romania, Japan and Europe!

We are looking for engineers!

We are looking for engineers who take the opportunity to challenge new technology, and grow with our company.

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We are looking for partners!

We are looking for bold and innovative organizations to join us!

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Welcome to EMR!

We are expanding our activities in Europe and creating development centers in Romania, with specialists working on high technology products.

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