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Mago4 is an Enterprise Resource Planning application with a strong international vocation right from the design stage. That’s why Mago4 ERP proves to be naturally inclined to support the development of any foreign functional localization.

Mago4 offers the following modules to best adapt to your business’ needs:

Finance and Accounting Module
Mago4 is perfect as company accounting software: all administrative, fulfillment is at your fingertips,
thanks to simple and direct analysis and verification tools that provide maximum control over your business.
Optimize the administrative activity of the company accounts thanks to Mago4 ERP: meet any tax and fiscal duty, proceed easily and intuitively in ordinary accounting, control in real time the company trend, and rely on a concrete management control.

Finance – Forecast Accounting – Balance (XBRL – Basel II – Multi company) – Analysis and Controlling – Fixed Assets – Cash Management – Intrastat – Tax and multi-purpose Communication – Advanced Bank Management – Accounting Inventory Book – Treasury – Accounting Data exchange– Payroll import

The main features of Mago4 in Financials – Accounting area include the following modules:

Finance and Accounting Brochure (Romanian)

Sales and Purchases Module
You can use the sales and purchase documents to manage every moment of the relationship with customer/supplier, from the start of negotiations to invoicing.
With Mago4 you are able to manually input each single document or automatically generate them following the normal flow, from the offer all the way to the invoicing.
Thanks to its features born to manage the complete management of active and passive cycle, salespeople, inspection operations and credit limits, Mago4 is the number one solution for the business processes into the supply chain.

Sale Orders – Sales – Conai – WEEE – Sales Force Management – Purchase Orders – Purchases – Credit Limit Management – Quality Inspection

The main features of Mago4 in the Sales & Purchases area include the following modules:

Sales and Purchases Brochure (Romanian)

Inventory and Logistics Module
With Mago4 you rationalize stocks, properly value the leftover stock, track any entry andverify item exact position, managing product price lists in a flexible way.
Print out the fiscal inventory journal and value the inventory according to the widest variety of criteria: Mago4 manages inventory quantities and values both at fiscal and at single storage level. For Countries that require it, you can generate accounts records as from inventory entries, assigning the value of the goods to the financial statement in real time.  Mago4 constructs codes and descriptions of items, codes Units of Measure, manages prices, discounts, lots and serial numbers, reconciles the archives, loads and unloads goods with just a scan.

The main features of Mago4 in the Inventory and Logistics area include the following modules:

Inventory – Lots and Serials – Barcode Manager 

Inventory and Logistics Brochures (Romanian)

Warehouse Management System Module
Stock optimization and cost reduction logic give rise to the need of localizing the items clearly and rapidly.

Speed up the logistic processes optimizing stock and costs

This is why the IT systems supporting the management of the storage bins are becoming increasingly vital. 
The aim of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) is to manage the transfer and putaway of the goods within the inventory (including the receipt, putaway, picking and shipping): the WMS provides for the planning of the inventory as well as for the positioning of the goods after being received.

Mago4 Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages the receipt, put away and entry of goods, and plans the inventory. Mago4 WMS is perfectly integrated with the other ERP modules, allowing you to navigate within all documents, ensuring you a complete tracing of the information flows. Fully configurable in mapping the warehouse, WMS fits any storage structure.

WMS MOBILE – Warehouse management on the palm of your hand
WMS Mobile is an irreplaceable help that allows carrying out, quickly and efficiently, all warehouse logistics operations. Carry out all operations with few… beeps: you just need to shoot on the bar code of the items, stocks and locations, with a Wi-Fi Rfid device, or a barcode reader in order to manage the loading and unloading of goods, stock transfer, packing and unpacking. WMS Mobile conveys the detected information in real time to the company database, and synchronize data with your Mago4 server via Wi-Fi. It even works where the signal is not available.

Warehouse Management System Brochure (Romanian)

Manufacturing Control Module
The functionalities of Mago4 in manufacturing area allow you to completely manage the flow of production documents and correctly handle materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Modules and functionalities are conceived from the viewpoint of operating efficiency and organization of production processes.

Precision and punctuality

Mago4 Manufacturing allows you to manage product assembly and the costs control associated with this  according to materials, working processes and ancillary costs. You can group together common parts to be produced and determine alternatives of a product to suit production and commercial needs. Work process cycle are structured to satisfy the needs both of small and  medium sized manufacturers; companies can dynamically plan production and amounts to deliver in the short, mid and long-term, also planning resources and making projections on activities. Mobile functions extend WiFi benefits to the manufacturing chain, taking ERP features to a further level.

The main features of Mago4 in the Manufacturing area include the following modules:

Base & Advanced Manufacturing – Manufacturing Mobile – Bill of Materials – Variants – Configurator – Open Orders – Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Manufacturing Control Brochure (Romanian)

Development and Customization
In Mago4 suite there are many tools designed to customize the software or  integrate different applications.
The range goes from data exchange to management component reuse, until the development with the same platform used by the developers of Mago4.

The power of an “open” ERP

In Mago4 suite there are many tools designed to customize the software or  integrate different applications. The range goes from data exchange to management component reuse, until the development with the same platform used by the developers of Mago4.

DEVELOPMENT TOOLS – A development platform is ready for you, and it is specially designed to create flexible and robust ERP and business applications, complete with a number of tools.

CUSTOMIZATION PROPERTIES – Customize your Mago4 and ERP applications. You can realize specific customizations, integrated or stand-alone solutions, simple changes or upgrade-safe and instantly portable applications, in a simple and fast way.INTEGRATION TOOLS – Rely on many tools designed to customize or integrate different applications. Using the XML as transfer format, Mago4 exchanges data and document among different applications, remote workstations and heterogeneous systems.

Development and Customization Brochure (Romanian)

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