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E&M Group started with the great success of "JWord", first all-purpose Japanese language word processor in Japan.

Building on this achievement, we began providing management systems, newspaper composition, CAD systems, and other software development products for our client list, and expanded by concentrating on orders for increasingly important basic systems, and business support systems.

Today we have grown to provide complete software and service solutions for major hardware producers and leading companies in various fields along with integrated solutions for end-users.

Go To International With EMR

Aiming to address new international business opportunities, in 2006 E&M established two operation bases in Romania (Bucharest) and Jordan (Amman). In December 2007, a new subsidiary company was established in Brasov, Romania.

Originally, the old fortification of Brasov had three entrance gates. They were, at the same time, massive bastions, built to keep enemies outside the city walls. To these, two more were added lately.

Only two of the five survive to tell the story of medieval Brasov: Ecaterina's Gate and Schei Gate. Both of them are on the south-west part of the fortress.

EMR wants to be such one of the gate into European market for Japan from this historical and beautiful place, Brasov in Romania.

E&M Group Overview

Founded : E&M Corporation October 1979
ACEL, Inc. July 1981
Phoenix Systems Laboratory, Inc. April 1989

Headquarter : E&M Corporation
Tokyo, Japan

Funding : Privately Held

Capital : E&M Corporation 512,000 Euro
ACEL, Inc. 256,000 Euro
Phoenix Systems Laboratory, Inc. 427,000 Euro

Employees : 454 as of April 1st 2011